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Facebook Silently Launches tiktok like app called “Lasso”

After having huge success of tiktok app which is used to make short video . Facebook come up with new app called lasso. Tiktok app have around 500 million active user on the platform. Lot of people use this app to make short video and share with friends. Tiktok have huge library of short songs. People around the world also contribute sound.

In Lasso app you can sign in using your existing instagram or facebook account depending upon your comfort.

It was already seen in October that facebook is working on the video app .

The main targeted audience of this app is teens around the world.

Now the main question arises . Will i am going to use this app instead of tiktok ? Yes you can , you can be the star of this app because of low competition as of now.

Update 1 ( 05:53 PM GMT+5.30) – Lasso App currently not found in google play store.

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