How to Increase Jiofi Speed on any device

How to increase jiofi speed on any device?(Pc,Android,ios)

If you are reading this article, it is higher possibility that you have already owned jiofi device or your friend have a jiofi device. Better to not to skip the content as might be you miss important content.

Here it doesn’t matter a lot what signal colour you are getting on your device.
If you have spare JIOFI device then you can eject the sim from a phone and insert it on jiofi to get much better speed by following below steps.

Now come to our main topic.

If you facing speed issue on your jiofi device.Then you must read this article.
Here this doesn’t matter you are getting a good signal or not. If you are getting a Green signal on a jiofi device it doesn’t mean that you will get good speed.

We already know that JIO is providing a lot of internet data for consumption through our device. But the main thing is that we don’t have much speed to consume that data and most of the time our internet data remains on a day and it will get waste due to speed issue.

For doing this experiment, you need to have some internet speed checking app so that you can analyze whether speed is increased or not. We have used speed test by ookla on android. If you are using laptop go to speed test website.

Follow these steps to increase the speed.

1. Place your jiofi device where you already used to place it. Maybe on the table, fridge etc.
2. Now Open your speed testing app you have already downloaded.
3. Test the speed and note down it.
4. Change the position of JioFi device. Put it in another room.
5. Now again check the speed.
6. It is greater chance that your speed gets changed might be higher or lower.
7. Please don’t follow signal light on JIOFI device. Might be it is blue(low signal) but it can give much better speed.
8. When the experiment was done by us, we have found that we are getting much greater speed on top of the window. We have charged the device and then placed it on the top of the window.
9. Important:- If your device is far from your jiofi device might be you have placed where nobody reaches, but still your device got good speed.
10. It is not necessary that your mobile, laptop device get good signal strength. (Wifi strength between mobile/laptop and jiofi)

Conclusion :

Possibly your speed increased.
Please let us know your views, Also tell us where you have found the best position for your device.

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