PM Modi Announced 21 days LockDown in India

As per the latest report, PM of India announces 21 Days LockDown in India. It will become affected by 12 AM midnight. We have seen a lot of reports that people around India not ready to take this concern seriously. Even cop trying their hard effort to control the people on the roads but they are making irrelevant excuses.

Everybody is thinking that social distancing is only applicable to those people who are affected by this virus. But this is not true. Social distancing should be adopted by everyone to make sure that this virus will not reach to next stage.

It’s true that people who are earning from daily wages will get highly affected by this curfew but this time don’t step back if you can help those.

The main objective of this curfew is to break the chain. Keep yourself away from fake viral news.

Different telecom company like Jio, BSNL, etc are providing some data benefits to the people who are working from home. Although you don’t have to provide the proof whether you are working from home or not.

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Suggestion: Please don’t do Panic Buying.

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