Amazon India seems to increase the price for amazon prime, Update:Price change.

Earlier Amazon India teases that they are going to increase the price for amazon prime subscription soon.

In India, amazon prime subscription have the lowest  price as compare to other countries. With Amazon prime you get free delivery ,also get some discount ,lighting deals before anyone else. You also get amazon prime video benefit.

In USA amazon prime subscription cost you 10.99$ (approx 710.74 inr)  for a month . Yes for a month.

Amazon india also organise sale between 4-8 oct claiming that amazon prime subsciption have lowest price in this time period but till date no changes has been made in the amazon prime subscription.

Amazon India have banner stated that”

Last chance to join Prime at ₹ 999
₹ 499/year (offer ending soon)

You can checkout the more benefit on this link amazon prime

Update: Amazon India finally increase the price for prime membership from 499INR  to 999INR.