Tata Sky Broadband

Tata Sky BroadBand Review

Note: Tata Sky Broadband Introduces new plans, all are unlimited. Base Plan now start with 50mbps.

We are come up with the review of Tata sky broadband internet. We have seen lot of players in broadband Arena. Let’s find out more about it.

In the battle of broadband which now a days known as fiber internet is very competitive.

Some of few services which popularly know are BSNL, Airtel, JioFiber, Act etc.

Now let’s talk about Tata sky broadband. Out of the box we get router, ethernet cable only.

Let’s start comparing with the Jio Fiber which is very much popular.
In Jio we have to give Installation charges and Security deposit which is around 2500/-INR Total.
While in Tata Sky Broadband if we subscribe minimum 3 months plan then we are not required to give installation charges. And there is no Security Deposit as of now. And if you choose one month plan in tata sky broadband then you must need to pay monthly charges + Installation charges which are around 1250/- .
But if you are going with Tata sky broadband ,it’s our suggestion do subscribe for 3 months plan as we are not required to give installation charges.
We are telling you the parameter where we are testing it.

Plan : 25 mbps [Unlimited] *This Plan No more Available
Price : 700+ 18% GST = 826/-INR Per Month
Location: Jaipur

During our test we found that we are getting uploading and downloading around 28-30 mbps. I am pretty much surprised with the result.

If you have tata sky availability in your area then you can definitely go with it. But quality of after sales support varies place to place.

If you have any questions feel free to ask questions in comment Section.

What’s the speed of base plan in tata sky broadband ?

25mbps / New Plans: 50mbps [Update: Base plan now start from 50 mbps]

Is it limited or Unlimited Internet ?

Both the plans are available. Choose it as per your usage. [Note*: New plans are only available in unlimited]

Is it available at my location ?

Please call directly to Tata sky broadband support for checking feasibility.