How does company start their web development process ?

Every Tech enthusiast is so much interested to know that how does big MNCs company start their web development process.
Here we are going to cover short point so that it will give you the brief idea how does MNCs company web development process starts.

1. Information collection or gathering
-Need /Purpose
– What should I make
– Is it efficient
– Is it a requirement of market
– Targeted Audience
2. Planning, Mapping, Framework designing
-Assigning different jobs
– Discussion
– Prototyping
3. Research with a limited audience
-Get feedback from less number of user
-Repeat again
4. Content writing and designing
– Choosing a right design for a web project is a challenging task
– Simplifying the user interface
5. Coding
– Different role assign according to their major
– work on that
– Compiling, Ensure bug-free program but still, a bug may be occur
-Testing on different devices
6. Mass Testing, Review and launch
-Got customer feedback on product
– Ensure customer need
7. Maintenance
– Regular updates based on customer feedback
– Providing regular security updates
– Improvement on the product still going on to make a product better

After going through above article you got an idea how actually big MNCs or different web-based company works.
We try to make the short article so that you can go through it without making much effort.
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