What should I do with my old phone

What should I do with my old phone

Technology is growing every day and your latest smartphone may become old tomorrow. Many time you upgrade smartphone so that you get better performance, camera , battery life etc.  Now the main question arise What should I do with my old phone. Here we are going to suggest some ways so that you can use to give life to your old phone. Now without wasting our time proceed to our suggestion.

1. Use your smartphone as music player for your speaker :- Suppose you have speaker then remain connected your smartphone with speaker to stream music.

2.If you have Smart Tv :- Pair your old smartphone with TV and use it as remote and for playing youtube videos via your old phone.

3.Use it to capture photos

4. If you have little child then track your child with smartphone.

5. Use as webcam on your home desktop.

6. Use as Security camera at your home.

7. Use as to play youtube videos via your smartphone on desktop. (We will leave a link later to do this ).

8.Use as Bluetooth Music streamer (Only if you have Bluetooth speaker)

9.Give it to your parents to entertain.

10. Last option sell it to get few bucks.

Above suggestion are just few tips , to try above method search the method on google. We try to make article as short as we can. So our audience will not spend too much time on reading the article.

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